Service Plans



$169-WATER HEATER PLAN-Parts and labor coverage for stand alone oil fired hot water heaters.

$189-PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PLAN-Complete comprehensive maintenance, safety check, and efficiency testing of any oil heating system.

$259- HOT WATER SYSTEM PROTECTION PLAN-Standard parts and labor coverage for hot water (boiler) system

$269-WARM AIR SYSTEM PROTECTION PLAN-Premium comprehensive parts and labor coverage for warm air (furnace) heating system

$279-STEAM SYSTEM PROTECTION PLAN-Premium comprehensive parts and labor coverage for steam (boiler) system

$289-PREMIUM HOT WATER SYSTEM PROTECTION PLAN-Premium comprehensive parts and labor coverage for hot water (boiler) system (More parts and labor coverage as compared to Choice Protection Plan-covers circulator pumps and heating zones valves)

CUSTOM HEATING SYSTEM PROTECTION PLAN-Premium comprehensive parts and labor coverage for multiple heating system applications (For larger homes or light commercial applications-If you need coverage for more than 1 heating system or hot water tank. *Price depends on number of heating systems and system size*

*Periodic Preventative Maintenance:
will be performed on the heating system as determined by our service department. (Approximately 15-18 month intervals.) This service will be performed during regular working hours. East Greenwich Oil Co., Inc. will make every attempt to schedule preventive maintenance at the customers convenience.


(With the exception of the parts listed below)

Only the parts that are listed below will not be covered. The parts listed below will not be covered because they are not directly part of the heating system, obsolete, not obtainable through regular supply sources, or have a higher than normal replacement rate. There is a labor charge for all parts replacement.

1. The outright replacement of your boiler, furnace, oil burner, or hot water heater.
2. Oil tanks and all related components connected to the oil tank (gauge, vent alarm, shut-off valves, firomatic valves, oil supply line, fill pipe, vent pipe, fill and vent pipe cap and covers).
3. Duct work, air cleaners, outside temperature controls, humidifiers, air conditioning, automatic water feeders, air handlers, radiators, radiator vents, radiator steam vent valves, steam pressure control (pressuretrol)
4. Steam gauges, hot water pressure/temperature gauges.
5. Piping (copper, brass, black iron, galvanized)
6. Pipe fittings (elbows, unions, tee’s, etc.)
7. Water valves (shut-off, ball, gate, and boiler drain)
8. Check valves (flow check, back flow, and oil line)
9. Air scoops (Spirovent, Supervent)
10. Power vent exhaust systems and any part related to its operation. Outside obstruction of power vent.
11. Thermostats (programmable and non-programmable)
12. Tankless hot water heaters, hot water heater tanks, hot water booster tanks, direct or indirect hot water heaters.
13. All relay and aquastat controls including triple aquastat controls and plug in (“ice cube”) style removable relays with the exception of Honeywell 8184G relay controls.
14. Taco 110, 111, 120, “00” series (except Taco 007 in Premium Choice Protection Plan), bronze, B&G water circulator pumps.
15. White-Rogers zone valves
16. Combustion chambers, combustion chamber target walls.
17. Hot Water mixing/tempering/ant-scald valves.
18. Low water cut-offs (steam and hot water) and any part attached or directly related to its operation.
19. Conversions or upgrades of existing parts to newer style parts/controls.
20. Water feed valves (Watts 1156F, 1450, Taco 3350, etc.).
21. Pressure relief valves (Watts 374A, 174A, etc.)
22. Expansion tanks (Extrol #30, #60, ST-5, ST-12, etc.).
23. Heating zones/circulator pumps connected to steam boilers.
24. Oil burner delayed oil valves, solenoid valves, nozzle line heaters, and Tiger Loop® de-aerator


If a part needs to be replaced, as a courtesy to our customers, the part will be replaced at a special discounted price to enable your heating system to be properly repaired and put back in operating condition. There is a labor charge and 7% R.I. sales tax for all parts replacement.

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